Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars // Drum cover

Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars // Drum cover

Day 4 Bruno Mars week

Instagram – @onedropdrums
Video Editing – Adobe Premiere Pro
Audio Engineering – Sean Smith
(Brutal Beats Productions)

Gear Rundown

Sonor Force 505
18×22” Kick
12×9” Rack Tom
16×16” Floor Tom
14×6.5” Pearl Masters Snare
14×5.5” Timbale

14” Zildjian New Beat Hi-Hats
12” Stagg Splash
17” Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash
18” Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash
21” Zildjian K Custom Dark Ride
18″ Wuhan Hand-Made China

Roland SPD-SX
Yamaha Single Zone Trigger Pad
Roland KD-7 Kick trigger

DW 9000 Double Bass Pedal
DW 9000 Hi-Hat Stand
Iron Cobra Single Pedal (Trigger)

Shure SM57 on Snare
Sennheiser e604 on Rack Tom
Sennheiser e604 on Floor Tom
Sennheiser e604 on Timbale
Audix D6 on Kick
Audix F15 Overhead Condensers (pair)
MXL Condenser on Hats
MXL 2001 Uni-Directional Condenser for Room Mic

Alclair Dual XB Dual Driver
(Custom Molded)

Vic Firth Matt Greiner Signature Sticks

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