Wiz Khalifa – Smoke Screen ft. Bootsyano (Lyrics)

Wiz Khalifa – Smoke Screen ft. Bootsyano (Lyrics)

Wiz Khalifa – Smoke Screen ft. Bootsyano (Lyrics)
Song: Smoke Screen – Wiz Khalifa ft. Bootsyano lyrics
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🎤 Lyrics Smoke Screen – Wiz Khalifa ft. Bootsyano:

00:00 It’s not supposed to be happenin’ now
00:01 What is she callin’ about?
00:02 What you doin’?
00:04 I have no idea
00:05 Oh, pull up
00:12 door open
00:14 I ain’t gotta say much
00:16 Oh woah, ooh woah, ooh woah
00:17 They be tryna catch up
00:18 New whip, that’s us
00:21 Bad bitch, she rollin’ up
00:24 No time for the players, haters
00:28 On my grind
00:30 I can’t lay up
00:31 I think rich
00:32 so I gotta keep my bucks long
00:33 Thousand dollar fits
00:34 but still got some blue checks on
00:36 You gon’ jog
00:37 or you gon’ stampede?
00:38 We in the diamond lane, breaded
00:40 all my niggas smell like good leaves
00:41 Bitch that back talk
00:43 I love the way she badass
00:44 We be on the grind
00:45 full speed, I need an asset
00:46 I’m in a circle
00:48 full of cold niggas
00:49 Don’t gotta say much, we pull up
00:50 the dips is gon’ roll with us
00:52 Doors open up
00:53 like Lamborghini
00:54 She like way she with it
00:55 she gon’ go up off a Martini
00:57 I need it all, don’t want the half
00:59 I don’t slow step
01:00 We be in the foreign
01:01 she gon’ bob ‘til her throat stretch
01:02 Oh, pull up
01:04 door open
01:06 I ain’t gotta say much
01:08 Oh woah, ooh woah, ooh woah
01:09 They be tryna catch up
01:11 New whip, that’s us
01:13 Bad bitch, she rollin’ up
01:16 No time for the players, haters
01:20 On my grind (Okay), I can’t lay up
01:23 If they only knew, what that thing do
01:26 See a million dollars
01:27 everytime I think of you
01:28 Take my business to the top
01:30 dream come true
01:31 Want me to drop the top
01:32 no clouds, sky blue
01:33 Red sixty-one
01:35 or sixty-nine, Skyblue
01:36 Pull up on Snoop
01:37 watch a movie when we drive through
01:39 Get you some ice, pull it out
01:40 you look surprise
01:41 A real winner
01:42 I can see it in your eyes
01:44 Don’t make our moves too fast
01:45 ‘cause we strategize
01:47 Grade 8, G-shit
01:48 when they categorize
01:49 Spend that money then
01:51 your picture off in private
01:52 Put some diamonds on my wrist
01:53 that’s perfect timin’
01:54 Oh, pull up
01:56 door open (Haha)
01:58 I ain’t gotta say much
02:00 They be tryna catch up
02:03 Don’t compete with each other, man
02:04 Y’all just do the same thing
02:05 y’all get the same shit, haha
02:07 New whip, that’s us
02:07 Bad bitch, she rollin’ up
02:08 No time for the players, haters
02:12 On my grind, I can’t lay up

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